The Beginning

December 9, 2010

So, I am making this blog mostly for my youtube subscribers and friends, but I am going to make sure I advertise it a bit too. Just because. This blog will have a few uses.

(1) I am going to post updates on Fred. I will talk about what happens when I go out to see him; discuss lessons, rides, etc. Just so everyone can get the inside scoop.

(2) Every week [sometimes more than once], I am going to feature a forum topic or article online–for different reasons. They will be mostly informational things about either saddle-type breeds or training methods (all breeds). Does not matter. Just anything interesting that I find, I will post. I am on a lot of forums and although, many times I don’t agree with everyone, reading up on different topics and ways of doing things is pretty helpful in the long run.

I’m hoping by including articles/forum threads about ASBS, Morgans, Arabs, etc. that my friends & followers will start to understand more about the breeds rather than just thinking they know everything about them–especially in the saddleseat discipline. But like I said, not all articles will only pertain to those breeds, most will pertain to everybody.

Happy reading!


* Please keep in mind that public may also comment on my posts. You don’t have to be a wordpress member. So please feel free to comment everything.


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