December 13, 2010

Lessons. Changes. Donations! *wink*

Yesterday, I went to the barn and had a long-lining lesson. I had done it before at my old barn but because I was taught a bit backwards at points in time, I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to put the equipment on and properly long-line. Fred was inside, throwing a tantrum because he wanted to go out and play with his friends. I took him out, put him on the cross-ties in the aisle, and cleaned him off. Charlene, my trainer, showed me how to put on the equipment properly. My surcingle was a bit huge, so she told me to heat up a nail and poke holes in it later. She brought him into the arena where she started long-lining him. He was having a heart attack because one of the girls was behind the back door in the arena watering the back pasture horses. He was spooking, blowing, etc. Charlene was explaining to me that is Fred and I’s biggest problem (which I knew already, of course!): Fred is a scaredy-cat by nature… and so am I. So combined, it can be bad. He’s fine when someone is calm with him but since I get nervous too, it can cause problems. Of course, I’m getting a lot better.

She had me work on long-lining at a walk. Just basic steering, bending, etc. which I realized I had learned to steer at my old barn, but not very well. Fred was very calm for me and he was really good to learn with. He did exactly what I asked, so when I overbent him, he responded. But, he behaved… which is what I needed. I will be taking another lining lesson (trotting) another day soon.

We have also made a new plan for Fred. Charlene and I agree that he is the type of horse that needs the stimulation of doing different things. His mind needs kept busy, he needs different things to do, etc. to help him mature. So, not only will he be jumping by next show season, but I am going to show him in even more divisions. He will be shown huntseat [mainly], saddleseat, western, and driving. I’m excited but will need to take more hunt and western lessons this winter.

If you would like to donate to the “Fred needs western tack because Jordan can barely afford her own clothes” fund, please let me know. I would need a saddle and bridle… but probably could afford a bridle eventually. Even if I have any OH friends that will let me just borrow their western saddle at shows, that would be awesome. I would definitely appreciate it.  Also, friends– please let me know good places to get western clothes [I don’t need anything expensive, just not tacky].


3 Responses to “Plans.”

  1. Camille Says:

    Dayum, youre going to be such a well-rounded rider after you get done with this! haha thats so exciting though. Its so fun to have a horse that you can do all kinds of things with! My horse would lose his shit if i tried driving with him, haha.

    • fredtherapy Says:

      Haha, yessss. I think that’s a good thing. I have a feeling doing a lot of different types of riding will not only help me get stronger and such, but also will help me get more confident. I think it will make me a better rider and still help Fred out! Yessss. hahahaha. I think we should drive your horse. 🙂

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