December 17, 2010

So, I rode yesterday! Wooo.

I went out to the barn pretty early. It was like twenty degrees, brrr. Fred was outside in the side paddock; so as I waited a little while to bring him in, I set up some poles in the middle of the arena. They were about 2 feet apart each. Then, we brought Fred in and I got him tacked up. I set up my camera to be ready to use and then hit the arena. I rode for about thirty minutes at first. I did a lot of trotting, some cantering, and a decent amount of walking over poles. I, originally, planned to try trotting and maybe cantering over poles, but Fred was not in the zone–plus, I thought it could be dangerous! Ha ha! He was walking over them with no hesitation, but was still having some issues not tripping over them. He hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Trotting flat work was easy–he was very well-behaved. He was verrrry lazy though, so it made things difficult at times. But, he wasn’t spooky for once.

So, then I got off and set up my camera. I put it on the tripod and brought it up to Fred, thinking he’d be terrified. He looked at me like, “Okay? I’ve seen that before?” so I put it in the middle of the arena and jumped on him. I figured I would ride a few times, then switch it to another part of the arena; and continue to do that until I was done riding. He was starting to get a tiny bit gimpy and he was really tired (probably part of it) so after trotting and cantering once, I call it quits. I jumped off of him and started to put my stirrups up.

Then, Fred threw in a big spook. He basically jumped on top of me; then he got loose from my hands. Stupid me, I ran to grab my camera first. I knew if he bolted, he’d run it over, and I didn’t get a warranty on it. *blush* but I knew he wouldn’t hurt himself if he bolted in the arena, as he has many times before, and he was in the “I’m not going anywhere” mode so he just stood there, blowing, and staring. So, I grabbed my tripod, then grabbed him.. and when I got him to calm down I brought him back in and untacked. I was kind of happy he didn’t spook while I was on him, otherwise I probably would have had to work him for another twenty minutes until he calmed down.

I also went out to ride today but ended up deciding not to. I was going to ride in the snow, but I thought Fred had been outside all day so I figured he’d be calm enough to go out into the big pasture and ride. When I arrived, I found out he had been inside all morning, and I did not think going into a big open pasture, by myself, with my horse that would be high-energy would be the best idea. Granted, the snow would be a nicer fall than the hard ground, but I opted out. Instead, I watched “horse-sledding” try-outs and then went out to eat with my boyfriend.

I am going to be riding Monday at 2:00 in the snowwww. I asked my mom to come out so she could do some video-taping for me, since I never get good clips unless someone else does it (which is about once every six months). I wanted to tape riding in the snow but it would be pointless to just set up my tripod. I’d like someone to be there and follow me around, to zoom, etc. so… she’s hired! So Monday will be my snow riding day. 🙂

And Fred will start western and jumping training soon!


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