January 28, 2011

Fred has to have more extensive vet appointments. Tomorrow, he is going to one of the top lameness vets in the state and will be worked on there. He will probably have at least $500 worth of vet work done because he will have to have many of his diagnostics redone. This is really hard for me and my father, who both have to deal with the payments. I won’t go into details, but I am providing a button to my paypal account. If anybody could donate even a dollar to Fred’s vet fund, it would be appreciated greatly. Fred has already had many vet appointments costing thousands of dollars and now we are back to square one. We may not be able to afford treatment, depending on what it is, and that would be heartbreaking. Prayers are welcome as well. Thanks guys.



2 Responses to “Ugh.”

  1. SA Says:

    Did you ever look into insurance when you got Fred? Some of them will pay for upto 30-40% of the diagnostics.I’m so sorry to hear about this,but horses can be very hard to keep.

  2. nikar Says:

    How is he doing now? Did you find out anything yet?So sorry to hear about this !

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