Fred’s diagnosis.

February 2, 2011

Fred was diagnosed with a navicular cyst in his RF. A navicular cyst would be considered navicular disease because it’s degeneration of the bone. So, sadly, it will never go away. We can only maintain it and keep it from progressing too quickly. We got him coffin bone injections, which should help, but we’ll see. He is also on a “life plan” of Isoxuprine, Phenylbutazone, and Cimetidine. At least all of those come in apple flavored powder! *claps* Haha. He is on a three-week trial and if it doesn’t go well, the vet thinks the expensive German drug, Tildren, may be a good option. ($1,100+ later!). I am hoping we DON’T have to do that, but we may.

It’s going to take a lot of “trial and error” to figure out what works for him. He might have to be on a lot of bute all the time or he may only need it for really hard work. We will just have to see, “it all depends on the horse”. I am also looking at investing in some Soft-Ride boots for stall time and when he is at shows (on hard ground). I’ve heard great things about them. I’m just a broke-ass. So, it just depends. No matter what, it’s not the greatest diagnosis, but he is rideable for the time being; he may just have to be retired early. Bummer.

Anyways, I’ve had some great people donating money towards Fred’s medical funds. I’ve had some friends getting together to get western tack for us to borrow for show season. I’ve had people tell me that eventually they are planning to help me out with donations as well. Fred really appreciates all the help from everybody. You guys are so great. 🙂

Donate to Fred’s “It’s Gonna Be a LONG Road Medical Fund”. You can pay through paypal, with credit card, or debit card.

Thanks guys. xoxo.


One Response to “Fred’s diagnosis.”

  1. samantha Says:

    Sorry to hear about all these problems.Wonder if it would be cost effective for you to just retire Fred and let him live his life in a pasture as once a horse has this problem it can be hard to cure and work can make it worse.

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