My article, published!

February 11, 2011

Many people do not understand how much they can learn from an animal. I have proof that you can learn a lot. My horse and I used to have way more issues than people can imagine. We went through a lot of tough times but no matter what, I would not give up. I believed in him. I believed beyond many other’s expectations. I still believe. Even with Navicular, I won’t give up on him. We will get where we want to be. Fred has taught me to believe in myself and in others; to not give up on myself, my friends, or my family. Shit happens. Really. You can either give up or learn to deal with it. I learned to deal with it. I am still learning. I won’t say that my relationship with Fred is perfect. I’m still nervous and so is he. We don’t have this unimaginable trust…yet. We are still working on it daily. But, we are trying. That’s all that matters.

I didn’t write this article to brag. I did not write it to say, “Hey, feel bad for me! I had problems!” I wrote it to show others that they should also never give up. That if they believe, they can achieve. Whether it has to do with a horse, a relationship, a job, a life goal–whatever. There is no reason to give up your passion or your love. Try your best and one day, you will get where you want to be.

Even if it takes thirty years. *

My article in Saddle & Bridle Magazine:


“Finding a Friend in Fred: A Reclamation Project”

I did not title it, but it works!



* That’s how long it will take for Fred and I to be part of the Extreme Cowboy Race.


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