Blue Lakes Show

February 21, 2011

I am going to do a short update because I am tired and need to sleep soon.

Fred went to Blue Lakes today for their schooling show. My trainer rode him in two classes for me. We did not have stalls, so we got to stand in the arena for hours before his classes. We all took turns holding him, of course, but I did get a good 45 min or so where I just stood there with him. He was eating hay, hanging out calmly, loving on his mommy. He kept taking his back leg and scratching his ear with it. The first time he did it, I turned away and looked back and he had taken off his halter. Luckily, he was distracted by the hay and didn’t go anywhere. So, I kept an eye out from then on. But, point is, he was well-behaved and not being a brat. I was actually able to hold onto him in public. That, my dears, is an improvement. Usually, he is too antsy and I can’t keep ahold of him.

First class was Open Huntseat Pleasure, or something like that. Fred was pretty stiff but he had not seen the arena yet and was so well-behaved. No real spooking (just a few moments, when he kind of had a reason to). He was not gimpy. He was doing so well and looked gorgeous as usual. He did not place in that class, which was bull, if you ask his mom.

His second class was the Open English Pleasure – “No Stock Horses”. He won this class… probably because the other horses were all acting up, but either way, he did well. He was a little goofier, as he had reasons to be. The whole reason I wanted him shown by Charlene at this show (and a couple more shows before the season starts), is because of his nervousness issue. He gets nervy when he is crowded and when horses come up cantering too fast behind him, or next to him, or whatever. This class had a few ASBs with large, fast canters, that were making him a little bit insecure, but Charlene kept him sane.  So, that was good for him! But yes, he won! Wooo! At that point, he was starting to get ouchy. He was not gimping but was beginning to attempt to steer himself in a direction that would keep his foot more comfortable. He did that last year at the same show. I think that ground is too hard on his ouchy foot.

After his second [and last] class, I jumped on him and rode him around the practice ring for ten minutes. We just walked around, calmly, steering around the crowd of horses. Like I have written before, the other part of this training process is: My trainer shows him and I ride him without the nerves of showing. That way he will start to realize that shows aren’t scary for either of us. We had no problems and he was very calm with me. He was a great boy.

Hopefully I can go hang out with him tomorrow. Maybe do some light riding, depending on how he is feeling after the “soreness show”. I will see what the weather permits. Night night. xx


One Response to “Blue Lakes Show”

  1. Camille Says:

    he looked FANTASTIC in those classes!! you should be a proud momma! that’ll be you soon 🙂

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