Decisions, Decisions.

February 25, 2011

I have decided within the past hour that I am not going to ride in the big pasture tomorrow.

Yes, I really need to do that. For myself and for Fred. I need to show him that we can go out there and have fun. I need to practice and it would be nice to have the whole pasture to practice and play in. But, Fred in a pasture with free-roaming horses is just not safe. No matter how you think, it’s really not particularly safe for most horses. If those horses want to run, he’s going too. That’s not going to help my confidence, it’s just going to screw it up more; and screw his up, as well. It really is a bummer because I’ve wanted to ride in the pasture all winter. Also, it will be busy around the barn tomorrow. I want to be able to ride by myself when my mom is there.

So, I guess the plan will be: Riding outside in the back paddock for a while (Yeah, I will still be outside but it kind of defeats the purpose of what I wanted to do. I can’t go faster than a walk around the corners. LOL) and then I am going to go in the arena and ride for a bit, as well. If Fred is behaving, I may do a little bareback riding– nothing extreme. Just playing around.

We’ll just have a play day. Maybe it won’t turn out as I wished, but it will still be fun!

Mom, prepare to be artsy!


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