My Neck Itches.

February 25, 2011

I did not ride today. I had to work. I will not ride tomorrow. There is a snow storm… and I have to work.

I do plan to ride Saturday at noon. My mother is coming out to watch me ride, which means, she gets put on video taping duty! She’s kind of a weirdo and I always show her videos that are artsy and say “Get artsy clips next time!” and she never does, but that’s okay, I love her and appreciate her coming out to video tape for me. I am going to do some arena work and ride outside…probably. My problem is, the horses will probably be out in the pasture. I have always thought riding with loose horses was dangerous. It probably is; especially on Fred. I have ridden him outside next to the pasture and when the horses get excited and go to run, he tries to. So, being in a pasture with horses that he usually goes out with… oh dear lord. Kind of terrifying. But, I need to learn to be brave. So, what better than doing something I usually wouldn’t do? Plus, it will be snowy, so if I hit the ground, it won’t be as hard of a landing.

So. That’s the scary plan. If I never update again, I’m dead.

I’m shaking in my socks thinking about it.

But seriously, I need to get brave. I need to go in the pasture and just ride Fred and have fun… and not worry about the other horses. If they go to play and Fred wants to bolt, well, hopefully I can calm him down and don’t fall and break my neck.

I mean, that’s how I think. I need to stop that! 😛 I will be okay, right?

I also have a lesson Tuesday morning. My dad said I better start it on time because he is coming to watch but has to go to the airport later on.



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