Online Abuse.

February 27, 2011

Okay. Watch the video first. You will have to pause a lot of it to read it… I made it go fast. lol.

I am getting seriously annoyed. Since I joined youtube, I have had random comments about how saddleseat is abusive. It has never really irritated me that much because I know people don’t understand it and are ignorant; so comments are to be expected. But lately, within the last few days, I have gotten quite a few comments about how Fred is abused; which is not only ignorant but utterly offensive– if you know Fred and I’s story, you know why it would offend me.

I have over 650 subbers. I am assuming most of those people realize that my horse is not abused. I think the recent promos have caused people to come to my page and then they see a video with stretchies or chains on Fred’s feet and instead of saying, “Hey, what are those for? I’ve never seen them before. Do they hurt him?” they say “OHMYGOD YOUR HORSE IS ABUSED! POOR THING!!!!!”

I am an adult. I am a vet tech major. I am a horse lover. I am not the best rider but I do know a lot about training methods and such. Not only from the great trainers I have been with but also research. RESEARCH. That is something that people don’t ever think to do. They just assume.

As for the chains, they are not abusive. As most people know, SOME Tennessee Walker people sore their horses. That is when they put acid on the horses legs and then put chains over. You can sore a racking horse. You cannot sore a trotting horse; they will be lame. The chains are fine, if they aren’t part of soring and put on properly. You put them on loose enough that they don’t rub but not so loose they go all over the place and annoy the horse. They are 2-4oz (generally) and like wearing a bracelet. The whole point of them is to create a more steady, rhythmic trot. The sound of the jingling helps the horses get in a rhythm and use themselves properly.

We have used those on Fred’s back end a few times because he is lazy in his back end. It helps improve his frame and get him to use himself properly.

The “stretchies” are fuzzy cuffs on the front legs connected by surgical tubing. They are like resistance training (google resistance bands) for horses. It helps gain muscles in the shoulders, which is very important for the horse to be able to have the stamina and keep it’s front motion. Some horses, it increases the motion, but generally it is just to build that muscle. The surgical tubing breaks very easily (surgical tubing vs. 1,000lb+ animal), so it keeps the horse from tripping over it and hurting itself. Most people only use them for 5-10 minutes during a ride. They are not for extended use.

I invite you guys to ask me questions. Preferably on my formspring, but on here is okay too. Rudeness will not be tolerated. I will block you or ignore you. I am not a child and I am not going to put up with the childish bullshit a lot of these immature people put out there. If you want to learn something new, then ask me questions. I am here to answer to the best of my knowledge.


2 Responses to “Online Abuse.”

  1. Naomi Says:

    I can’t stand when people just assume Saddlebreds are being abused. Granted, I haven’t gotten a comment like that on youtube… but it’s ridiculous.

  2. Hannah Says:

    yeah people are stupid- that’s sucks you got comments that your horse is abused! It’s obvious how happy Fred seems in his videos! ALSO if people think saddlebreds are abusive they obviously haven’t looked at Tennessee walker stuff….now that stuff I think is pretty abusive (I’m sure someone out there will disagree) but anywho- I know what you mean- On my old channel I have a vid up of this girl riding Moonie the best country/show hack/eq pony EVER who passed away this past winter in a horrible deterioration and people go on that video where at the end he is being silly and runs away and are like- that horse is in pain. Why are you riding it so stiffy? I can’t believe your forcing his head up like that. he ran away cause his saddle is ill fitted. why are you pushing the horse so hard like that?
    – yeah they are completely negative and ridiculous. If people don’t understand saddleseat why do they go on a video where in the description it says please don’t make mean comments cause he passed away- and try to start a fight.

    makes me so mad.

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