A Dream.

March 5, 2011

Ever since I was eight years old, I was always interested in showing horses. I loved the feeling of showing. When I lived in GA, I actually was able to show at some pretty big shows: Blue Ridge and The Dixie Cup, to name a couple (and my favorites).  After I moved, I showed a fourth of the amount I did when I lived in Georgia. My barn’s lesson program did not take us to many shows and it tended to bug me, but I dealt with it and showed when I got the opportunity.

When I was in my early teens, I decided to do some snooping and went to the website from my old barn. I went through their pictures and saw a folder for Morgan National’s. I was awestruck that they got to go, as I had never known them to when I rode there.  Then, I remember the feeling of jealousy I was struck with– I saw a picture of the girl I grew up showing and taking lessons with showing there. Since I was still young and childish, my only thoughts were… “We grew up riding together. We’ve been riding for the same amount of time, taking lessons and learning the same things, and she got to show there? That’s so not fair.”

And that’s when the dream sunk in. In the back of my mind, I constantly thought, “One day, I would love to ride at National’s.”

I continued to ride but wasn’t riding horses that were nice enough to take me anywhere like that. Then, I got Fred and I knew that he wasn’t a nice enough saddleseat horse to take me anywhere, so I pushed that dream completely aside. I decided to forget about it– it wasn’t going to happen. I was never going anywhere.

Well, quite recently I had a facebook friend message me. We got along to talking and she made me think about whether Fred would be nice enough to compete at National’s in huntseat.  She had been there before and said she “absolutely” thinks he would be competitive there. We talked about it for about a day and it kind of reminded me of that dream I had. Then I made the decision. Fred may not have been a nice saddleseat horse; but he is a nice hunt horse. He stands out. He is beautiful. He is nice enough to compete at a high level. All we need is more training… but we could do it.

So, for a few days, I have chatted with numerous friends and acquaintances about the idea.  I learned some facts, which I will post in a separate blog entry. I think the stuff is very interesting… as I have never really paid attention to upper level hunt in the ASBs.

I don’t really know how many people are behind me on this matter. In fact, I am not even sure if my trainer thinks it’s possible– but I am going to prove it to her. I know he is nice enough. I know I can do it. I just need to start working hard. She needs to train the both of us. She is incredibly knowledgeable and she has told me before if she had a student who wanted to compete at that level, with a nice enough horse, she would take them where they wanted to go. Well, that’s where I want to go.

So, of course, we have a lot of work to do– and I am willing to work my butt off for it. I even have started working out at home, to get my legs and core strengthened. I’ve been riding as much as I can with my work and school schedule– but once summer hits I will have less classes and hopefully can get more riding and lessons in. This show season will be a lot of hard work and I am going to have to get over my show fears and just do it like I know we can. Just get a lot of experience. Hopefully by 2012-2013, I can at least qualify, but it is more of a long-term goal than short term. It just depends on the dedication, the hard work, and how much my trainer can teach us within 2 years or so. I am pretty sure she could turn us into a big team.

It’s not about the ribbon, it’s about the experience.

St. Louis, watch out for us one day. We’re comin!


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