As mentioned, What I have learned:

March 5, 2011

These are quotes from people I have talked to about the idea. This is what I have learned within the past few days. Most of it is informational, the “game” suggestion was from a friend. (These people are all friends/acquaintances of mine that mostly have competed at that level).

  • By rules now, if they do not ask for a hand gallop (all gaits listed in Huntseat ASB rules) you can request it for the Championship class.
  • Nationals is really about how steady your horse is. if you look at the new rules and the articles it really isn’t about the horse being a “high stepping” show horse, but more of what would be the best for jumping.
  • “As long as Fred is steady (headset as well as gaits; and there’s an obvious transition between your canter/handgallop trot/extended) he should be fine. For saddlebred huntseat you want more action in the extended trot, but i feel as if it should be more EXTENSION of the legs, like in dressage. depends on the judge.”
  • “Make sure he has a clean jump (in nationals it is required to jump, no higher than 2’6”.) I think 2 refusals is the max.”
  • “Crowd navigating is a HUGE part of it, and it’s one of the things my trainer is great at teaching. A diamond cut, which I mentioned in your HGS post, is where you cut one corner, using a perfect diagonal line. Straight line cut is riding off the rail down the long end.”
  • “See if you can get some other riders to help you out and play the ‘cut-off game.’ You ride at all of the gaits, start at the walk, then move to walk and trot, and eventually add the canter. But what you do is you have a rider go up close behind you, then ride REALLY CLOSE, almost so their feet are hitting yours, and then they cut you off. Once you have Fred used to horses being all up in his business, you get to add the more fun parts. You then get to cut off the other horses.. but then, once you’ve got the trot down solidly, when someone tries to cover you up or cut you off, you get rid of them. You speed up and make a diamond cut, leave them in the dust, get the whole rail to yourself, etc. It’s super, super helpful in preparing you for what goes on in the ring!”
  • You can qualify for St. Louis at the ASHAO Annual Show in May,and you can also qualify at River Ridge.
  • “What did was,I wanted to qualify as early in the year as possible. The reasons is because it gave me plenty of time throughout the year to continue to show my horse,and it was also a good way to know for sure if my horse would be ready in September to go. Also,I thought it would be easier to qualify earlier in the year vs. trying to qualify later in the year at a bigger class A show,because more horses tend to show up and come out of the woodwork in the early Summer to late Summer Shows.Plus most of those horses wern’t going to show at St. Louis anyway,even if they did qualify. Also, qualifying earlier in the year helps give your horse a big edge in advertising to going to St.Louis and getting your horse’s name and your name out there as well. So I qualified at the ASHAO show,because it was early in the year,and it was an easy enough show to qualify at.”
  • To qualify for St. Louis, you must place first or second in a qualifying class. Once you qualify, you can continue to show in the S&B Hunter Qualifying class throughout the year as many times as you want.
  • One thing to remember is that a 24″ jump is optional in the S&B qualifying class. Most shows opt out for putting in a jump,but they can choose to put one in if they want and sometimes it will be listed on the prize list/show bill ” 24 Jump” or “No Jump”. At St. Louis you do have to do a 24″ jump in the Finals in which your jump will be judged on. River Ridge & the ASHAO show does NOT have a jump in their qualifying classes.
  • Most shows will have the S&B qualifying class listed on their prize list/show bills…or if you want you can look up all the shows on S&B for the complete list.
  • The complete rules for the Saddle & Bridle Hunter Finals are listed on S&B’s website on the homepage. Just click on the Saddle & Bridle Sponsored Classes and scroll down to the Hunter Finals,and all the rules will be listed there. (Rules HERE)

And then, I started this thread for fun to see what people who have been there have to say.

I have not been to the barn, so I have not had the chance to talk to my trainer and such about it. We will see. 🙂


One Response to “As mentioned, What I have learned:”

  1. Hannah Says:

    That’s so interesting! I love hearing about different classes 🙂
    omg I LOVE the fact you have to take a jump in the finals!!! That’s why hunt seat classes were even made and I KNOW some of the top level hunters in Arabs could never jump over a jump lol some of them- they’re way to prissy lol but they had gotten more reaching up instead of out and a higher headset would defeats that purpose also :/
    Stevie and I would dominate if we could do a jump! haha that’d be so cool 🙂 Fred’s gonna dominate cause he can jump too! 😀

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