You May Think I’m Being Annoying…

March 6, 2011

But I think I’m being motivated.

So, I rode again today. When I got out to the barn, a girl was untacking Fred. I ran down and told her not to put him away and grabbed all my stuff. I tacked him up again and rode for quite a long time.

I was a little off my game today. I kept hearing from around the corner “Quit letting Fred be strung out!” … “Do you see our huntseat riders ride like that? You need to be riding more forward!”… etc. Eventually, I think I started riding properly. It just took a good hour. Hahaha. I was happy that Fred tried to bolt not one, not two, but three times from the back door. Twice because of strong wind, once because he heard the door from the potty slam. If it would have been me three-four months ago, he would have at least cantered down the side of the arena, leaping and getting me off balance; if not bolted. But, it’s not me from four months ago. I sat back, worked the bridle, slowed him down, and kept doing our business like nothing happened. I was so happy to know that we are starting to get so much more secure. Seriously, that would have not happened even two months ago. I’m really calming myself down and worrying less.

My trainer and I slightly discussed National’s. I still believe she thinks I’m a retard, but I’m pretty confident we can get there. We discussed the rules (bits and such), but we also talked about horses that compete there and she thinks that Fred is equal. She said his movement is the same as those horses (that we may have to work on a more motivated walk though) and that he is pretty light in his bridle too, compared to some. So, I know he is up there. I know he can do it. Qualifying would actually be pretty easy, if I can learn to keep my cool during shows. It would just be getting to the point where I qualify and we know that I’m ready to take him. We AREN’T ready at all. So, I am 100% positive he won’t be ready to go to St. Louis this year. The year or two after? Maybe. Who knows. It all depends on us. But, he can do it. I know he can. We just need more show experience. I need to get over my nerves. I need to learn to keep his headset perfect. I need to get “perfect” at extending and collecting his gaits. There are a lot of things I need to work on, but I have plenty of time.

The goal for this year is about getting rid of showing nerves for both of us. I need to show Fred a lot until I get completely comfortable with showing him. He needs to get used to being ridden in crowds, getting cut off, having horses come up behind him, etc. I am going to try and take him to Randolph a lot. That is the one place I am completely comfortable with him. I think not only our breed shows, but even the Friday night 4-H shows will help us a lot. We just need lots of comfortable ring experience. Once we get past those fears and issues, we can start to really improve and get to that point that I can take him where I want to go.

Like my trainer said, I would be doing a lot more things than I can right now if it weren’t for my nerves. And she is right. So, heres to getting rid of my nerves. Heres to a show season where I kick my nerves asses.

Then we can get further. Then we can begin to work on perfecting everything. Once I get rid of my nerves, it will be much easier to work on things that need improved.

Then, we can qualify and go to St. Louis. 🙂


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