Dun dun dunnnn!

March 10, 2011

I have a problem.

I have realized that I am an “off the horse rider”, as I like to call it.

Now, my riding is not perfect. In fact, I’m really not that good of a rider (IMO). The people in my trainer’s lesson programs are probably some of the best riders in the area and I do not really think I compare. Maybe I do but I doubt it… I kind of think I suck. Hahaha. I am trying to believe in myself a little more, though. I’m definitely improving. I just don’t think I’m up to NBS  standards quite yet. All the riders are so good. I have an awesome trainer. < — point of saying that is, I am in no way blaming anybody for anything. I am not saying anybody is bad at riding, or my horse is badly trained; I’m just saying that I’m a tard and I like to pretend to ride my horse when I’m not on him. 😛 I don’t want anybody to read this and think I’m saying “I am the only one who can make my horse look good and I hate watching other people ride him because they make him look crappy.” because I am in NO WAY saying anything like that. If anything, it’s totally the other way around.

ANYWAYSSSS. I think  we all do it. At least, most horsey people do. We sit and watch other people ride and try to ride the horse for them… from the ground, of course. I think it is even worse when it is our horse we are watching.

I love that Fred gives lessons. LOVE it. When I first got him, I was totally against anyone riding him because he was “my” horse. Now, I am totally willing to lease him out if it’s to the right person (and of course, I would still be riding and showing him). I think lessons are great for him. They have really helped him mature and it keeps him somewhat in shape. He gets exercise… and he gets to teach people. I think it’s wonderful. But, I have noticed when I watch people ride him I get so frustrated! Not at them [the rider], of course. LOL. At Fred! And not because he isn’t trained well or anything; Not because he isn’t a good boy. Only because I know how BEAUTIFUL he is and how awesome he can look… and some of the things he does sometimes make him look so… blah! (Like his camel-look!) He gives a lot of beginner-intermediate lessons. So, I know that not everybody can do everything on him or make him look perfect. Even I can’t make him look that great all the time (or sometimes forget to). So, I never blame the rider or anything.

But, what do I do?

I sit there and I think “Damnit Fred, set your head! You look like a camel!” … “Ew, use your freakin legs some more. You’re trottin like a QH!” … “WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE WESTERN? GO FASTERRRRRR!” … I stand on the side and act like I’m riding. I sit there and push with my seat and kiss to him when I see he is about to quit the canter. I can’t help but stare when he’s all strung out and looks like a camel. I’m sitting there thinking, “Fred, you are well trained enough. You should just set your head yourself without them having to do anything so you don’t look so funny.” LOL.

It just makes me laugh. I never realized I do that badly until tonight. A little girl, who does very well on Fred [and I have offered her to be his “walk/trotter”], was trying to canter him. He would go halfway around the arena and try to quit. She is still new to cantering and does a great job but could not keep him consistently in it. He’s lazy, she’s tiny… so he kept quitting. What did I do? I sat by the arena and kissed, and pushed with my butt to keep him going. (It didn’t work).

Am I the only crazy that does this? It makes me laugh a bit. 🙂


2 Responses to “Dun dun dunnnn!”

  1. nana Says:

    I love your lesson vids. I’m a former huntseat rider learning to ride saddleseat and everything your instructor is saying is what my instructor used to say during my huntseat group lessons. We were taught to carry our reins like we had an egg in each hand (but to keep some kind of constant communication & to get the horse to flex behind the poll-something I gave up on and just let the horse lean heavily on the bit) & never give any rein unless we were cooling-off the horses and to ride quietly in our saddle.

    Right now I’m (still newbie-going on 6th lesson) trying to let the horse push me out of the saddle while I post but I’m too scared because I try to ride with very light hands&seat and once I get her to straighten out and stay on the rail something instinctive clicks and her eyes get wide and she takes off. I don’t mind and I like it but it takes getting used to and a-lot of strength to slow her down.

    • fredtherapy Says:

      Yes! I know how it is. You’ll get there. Saddleseat is not as easy of a discipline as people think it is! Good luck to you! Keep in contact. May I ask where you found this blog? 🙂

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