Still improving.

March 27, 2011

Well, I haven’t had much to update, as work is taking over my life. I had a lesson the other week and it went well. I also rode with the “advanced” girls last week and even though Fred was lazy, I did not feel that far behind. We really are improving quite quickly. I think things are finally clicking. It’s exciting. I just want to be able to show now!

Today, Fred went to the Burin’s academy show. Kiersten, who takes lessons on Fred, rode him and did very well. She placed second in pleasure in fourth in equitation. I was definitely proud of both of them! She is going to make him a good walk-trotter. Totally pumped!

As for me; I got on Fred and rode him there. I did not ride for long because he was on a gravel driveway and I didn’t want to hurt his foot. A few times he got a tiny gimp down the driveway; but most of the time he was okay. Also, half the time he was lazy and then I’d make another pass and he’d be almost St. Louis Fred.

I did notice from watching the video one of the girls took, that my hands weren’t raising constantly, even when Fred got pepped up. So, that’s good! I’m working on it!


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