A List.

April 13, 2011

My lessons have been going quite well but I have not had much to post about. Show season is coming up and I am really wanting to show. I think I have to wait until the end-ish of June, though. (Insert sad face here)  The first show is in Canfield on Mother’s Day and I would *love* to be able to show there. The fairgrounds there don’t really make me nervous and the classes aren’t too big. I was hoping that maybe my trainer could show Fred in a class and then I could show him in one, but I don’t think that’s happening! Oh well. Second show is ASHAO, which there is no way in hell I would be showing… or even want to show in it. Not ready for that. We may take Fred so my trainer can show him for me; he needs to get confident in that ring before I ever show him there again. :shakes head: I am in the process of rendering one of my class videos from the last show. I am cutting out the part where I sat in the middle of the ring for the rest of the class though. Sigh.

But the point of this post is to make a list of things that I need to do/learn before I show (or around that time), so:


Buy a hunt cap and breast collar [  ]

Try to get Fred working in a snaffle [  ]

Get comfortable with a more “forward” Fred [  ] (getting close)

Get comfortable riding with others/passing [  ]


Get comfortable with the following transitions:

Walk to trot [x]

Walk to canter [x]

Halt to canter [x]

Trot to canter [  ]

Canter to trot [x]

Canter to hand gallop [x]

Canter to walk [x]

Hand gallop to canter [  ] (getting close)

Hand gallop to walk [  ] (haven’t practiced; may not be hard)

Hand gallop to halt [  ] (haven’t practiced; done it before, though)


Get a better two-point position [  ]

Get a more steady position [x]

Work on consistently keeping my legs from pumping [  ]

Learn basics to getting a more consistent, rolled headset [x]

I think that’s all for now.

Will add on if I think of anything. I think those are most “important” right now… although, they all aren’t of dire importance. Just goals I would like to have completed (or almost completed) within the next month or two.


Lesson tomorrow. Nobody to tape it. I may be setting up my camera outside the arena because I’m getting OCD about having to watch my lessons.


One Response to “A List.”

  1. Naomi Says:

    I am also getting to the point where I want all my lessons/rides to be taped. It helps me so much! 🙂

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